What Would You Like to Know?

How much are the sessions and how do I pay?

Sessions are £5.50 each and are paid termly in advance via bank transfer. Please quote your child’s name as the reference and as soon as the funds are received, I will confirm your child’s place. Terms are either 6 weeks (£33) or 7 weeks (£38.50) updates for payment due dates are done via Facebook at www.facebook.com/lilkickersacademy

What is the youngest age you can start training from?

Group session training can start from 2 years old up until age 8 (Year 3/4) and 1-2-1 training is for children aged 4 and above.

Do you offer a trial session?

Over the years I have been coaching I have seen many children during their first session, and they can sometimes feel a little shy, overwhelmed or nervous. It can take a few weeks for them to settle in and for me to get to know them and for them to feel comfortable with me and the other children in the group. For this reason, I don’t offer a trial session but you are more than welcome to come and watch a session with your child so they can see what we do and whether they’d enjoy it.

Do you have a DBS Certificate?

Yes and I also have public liability insurance.

Do you do Birthday Parties?

Yes. I can host football parties for a minimum of 12 children, please find more information in the services section of the website.

Where are the sessions located?

Sessions are located at Waterlane Leisure Centre and The Gorleston Mesh Centre throughout the winter and autumn terms and then in Gorleston, field outside Shrublands Medical Center (Magdalen Way), Lowestoft Normanston Park (Peto Way) throughout summer and spring terms.

Is there a waiting List?

There is currently a waiting list for some of the sessions. If you would like your child to join please contact me with their age and which session they would like to attend and I can then provide more information.