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5th Anniversary

June 3rd, 2020

🎉⚽️🔥 THE BIG REVEAL 🔥⚽️🎉

Today marks the 5th Anniversary of Lil Kickers Academy and I wanted to celebrate this date as a huge success!

5 years ago I started with the intentions of creating sessions for just children aged 2-4 but over the years the boys and girls never wanted to leave. Therefore the age range has been extended and extended lol to which now it’s roughly about aged from 2-8/9 in the group sessions. This also goes above that age for 1:1’s to about 12 so far!

I am passionate about every detail so I believe now is the time to create a new image that not only appeals to those ages 2-4 but to now have kits and a logo that all boys and girls would be proud any age would be proud to wear... 🙌🏻💯🔥

So today marks the new release of a Brand New Logo and a Brand New Lil Kickers Academy Kit.

The kits are available for every child in all the group sessions and also for my 1:1 players that I coach too so you will also feel affiliated. 

They are now available to purchase and start from the Age of 2 upwards to wear! 

I’m hoping to phase this over the next few months due to Furlough, Redundancy etc so that when all my group trainings resume every child will return wearing the brand new kit... 🔥

Full kits, training tops, raincoats, hats and much more are now available to buy directly at my new club shop.