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What do the kids think about Coach John and Lil Kickers Academy..


What They’re Saying

My son has been with lil Kickers since summer 2019 and loves it! John is amazing with the kiddies making sure everyone is involved and making everything fun so they are learning without even realising. Thank you for teaching him so much already and building my little boys confidence! I didn’t think he could love football anymore then he already did.

John or 'coach john' as he is affectionately referred to by his lil kickers, has been an inspiration to my son Harrison and many other children locally. He works tirelessly to encourage youngsters to become active through his love of football and has certainly ignited that passion in my son. Without John not only would Harrison be less active, but he absolutely would not be the football player he is today! This is largely down to Johns fun, enthusiastic & creative coaching. This man has the patience of a saint and is adored by all his members. My son joined lil kickers as a shy 2 year old and John has not only brought him out of his shell but has developed him as a player, as he has done with so many of his members. Some of which have gone on to join Norwich or Ipswich development squads, futures programmes and even secured places in academies- a lot of which would not have been achieved without Johns highly professional coaching. He has a way of bringing out the best in all of his lil kickers, and whether they go on to be the next Sergio Aguero or simply choose to kick a ball around the park with friends, it is Johns commitment to his lil kickers and passion for their development that has undoubtedly improved their fitness, discipline, ability to work as part of a team and above all… HAVE FUN!!!

We’ve only recently joined Lil Kickers over the summer holidays but it’s soon become a bit hit! My 3 year old usually takes a while to warm to new groups and people but took to Coach John straight away and now he absolutely loves going to football. Coach Johns care and patience towards all to the kids is amazing, and he really tires them out!!

My son has attended Lil Kickers for over 3 years and absolutely loves Coach John and his training sessions. Coach John is brilliant with the children and my son never wants to miss a session! Always fun & enjoyable.  ⚽️

Coach John is amazing with the kids!! My little boy has been going for a while now and it’s his favourite part of the week, he loves it! He started lil kickers liking football, but now he’s obsessed and has a real passion for it at such a young age!! Cannot recommend lil kickers and coach John enough!! Thankyou!!! 😌

Amazing, Patient, Fantastic with all the children.. I wouldnt recommend anyone else. My boy loves Coach John & can't wait till the next session. His development has grown so much since starting :) x

Highly recommend lil kickers, my son attends weekly and looks forward to it all week. Coach John is amazing with all the kids and nourishes their confidence and supports each one of them.

Lizzie Churchill-Wall

John is such an amazing coach, with the patience of a saint! The bond he has with every child right from the offset is brilliant. He teaches in such a perfect way for all the age groups. He gets the kids and they get him. my son recently had an operation, he came back this week and John was just perfect checking he was ok and looking after him. I would highly recomend without a shadow of a doubt.

My son Leo’s first session at lil kickers was great - he didn’t want to join in at all and sat with me crying. He’s been going now for a while and he now absolutely loves it! He adores coach John who is fun, playful but will discipline if needed. Leo had a brilliant session yesterday which had boosted his confidence completely. He’s a different boy to the one I first took along to Lil kickers. I’d definitely recommend Lil Kickers to everyone!

Lil Kickers Academy is fantastic.. my two boys both go and it’s amazing how much skill they have learnt and how much fun they have. Coach John is very friendly and the kids love him, he makes them laugh and makes learning skills very fun. Couldn’t recommend a better place than lil kickers.

My little boy Toby has been going to Lil Kickers for nearly a year now and he absolutely it loves it. When he first started out, he could barely even tap the ball. He has come on so so much and it’s all thanks to John! He is outstanding with the kids and they all look up to him. I can’t recommend this group enough if looking for your little 1s to start out early training  ⚽️ 🥅 🏅 🏆

Cannot recommend Lil Kickers enough! My son absolutely loves it and asks everyday when he’s going to football club again! The sessions are thoroughly planned and they learn lots of new things each week. My sons confidence has excelled since starting and it’s great to encourage him to keep fit along with team building and co-ordination skills! Thank you Coach John! �

John is a fantastic coach who has a real talent in engaging with children. His sessions are well planned and great fun!

We couldn't rate Lil Kickers Academy high enough. I have a very active 2 year old however he is a little shy in groups, coach john is very understanding and is brilliant with him which is why we love going so much. My son is never pressured to join in if he doesn't want to but john always makes a fuss of him and gives him one to one attention which is great.

What a little gem we've stumbled upon here!! My 3 year old son has been to 3 sessions so far and is absolutely loving it!! Fantastic games, football skills, being taught how to listen and concentrate and have fun with team mates. I can't recommend it enough. One question though? Where do you get all your energy from Coach John?!

My son literally loves Coach John, he is he's hero! He has learnt so much during his sessions, new skills and different games that he brings away from the sessions to show/teach his daddy and brother! Coach John try's really hard every week and engages all the children. Lil Kickers Academy is great!

I would highly recommend John and Lil Kickers. Professional, friendly and dedicated to ensuring all children in the group participate and enjoy each session that he delivered at the Nursery. The children were happy, excited and adore John.

Liz Enfield - Nursery Manager

My three year old boy jonnie started over a month ago and he absolutely loves it!! He wasn't even interested in football before he started and now he is copying what he has learnt with coach John, setting up his own assault course in the garden. Coach John is brilliant with the children and has them running around and laughing from start to finish. Since attending the group jonnie is more confident and outgoing. I highly recommend Lil Kickers Academy to everyone!

If I could give more than a 5 * I would. Lovely group. This week will be my boys 3rd week into a 6 week sign up...already I know I will sign him up again. John is fabulous with the kids. He has patience and is able to keep them interested and calm. I love how it's exercise without the kids knowing it's exercise! It's very personal and very professional. And so much fun for the kids. Keep up the good work John.

It is fantastic for little ones to take part in and enjoy! John is great with the little ones. My daughter loves going to football every weekend never says she doesn't want to go! It is a great opportunity for the little ones to run about and learn about football and the skills at the same time.